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Mahogany, a Herstory...


In 1990, Piper Williams, former Jackson State J-Sette, was asked to establish a dance line for the illustrious Morehouse College "House of Funk" Marching Band.  Women from colleges and universities from all over the city of Atlanta came to heed the call and a select 14 were chosen. Ladies of all hues of color, moving majestically, brilliantly and radiantly exemplifying the beauty of the black woman in motion.  The world has come to know this dance team as Mahogany-N-Motion!


Mahogany-N-Motion was envisioned and designed to be a PREMIER dance team whose style combines jazz and ballet techniques with a personal charisma of our own. A dance style most likely be imitated by admirers; but the essence of Mahogany-N-Motion was crafted so it could not be duplicated. 


Today, Mahogany is comprised of students who attend Spelman College exclusively.  We each maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher and, as all Spelman women, we are committed to serving our community through our many outreach initiatives. We are sisters, bonded together through our love and respect for dance.  We are proud of the rich Mahogany legacy that continues to generate productive doctors, lawyers, teachers, entertainers, counselors, scientists, and engineers who DANCE.  Pass the G.R.I.T.S.!

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